Sexual Health

Emergency Contraception

There are many pathways to accessing emergency contraception. 

Local Pharmacies

The morning after pill is available from the majority of pharmacies across Northern Ireland.

If you are aged 13 or older, you can now get the morning after pill free from community pharmacies across Northern Ireland. A list of particpating pharmacies can be found at: 

Online via SH:24

SH:24 are award winning experts in sexual and reproductive health and work in partnership with the NHS to provide free contraception and STI testing.

Access to this service is via the Northern Trust:



Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) Clinics

A GUM clinic is a place where sexual health is confidentially assessed and you can be tested and treated for STIs. There are GUM clinics across Northern Ireland. You do not need to be referred by another doctor. In most cases, you will need to make an appointment. If you are worried that you have an STI, you can get tested at your nearest clinic using the link: